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Vaginal Davis' dominatrix alter-ego, Veronika V'Intrest, interviewed by Mistress Ilsa Strix.

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Vaginal Davis aka: Mistress Veronika, Drag Diva Extrodinaire, the regal and sexy transgendered duchess of debauchery. She has been on film, stage and now she is playing in a dungeon near you... Here's an up close interview with the SheMale pin up Dom of submissive thinking men the world over...

How does being a conceptual/performance artist and consummate actress tie in with your work as a dominant?

My career as an artist extends into being a dominatrix. It is all about creating personas and fantasies for myself and for those I collaborate with. It is discovering parts of our inner selves and drawing them out. Anyone who gets involved with me in an "art project" commits themselves to my totalitarian world view of art. Totalitarian in the holistic psychic/physical/sexual sense. I create art that is personal and historical in that I change history to suit my own needs, indeed I change history each time I take a submissive down into another level of his psychosexual awareness. I meld fact and fiction in a highly strategized and creative fashion. I blur the lines of what is real and what is fantasy. I take the psychosexual to the deepest and yet the highest form it can reach. My acting abilities enable me to get so involved in character that the scenario becomes completely real to me and the people around me, sometimes even the media gets wrapped up in my deluded utopia. Actually I'm very well known for media manipulation (among the things/people I manipulate). This controlling/manipulating passion ties in nicely with my S&M work in that both arenas call for uber creativity, passion, proficiency and skill. Of course in the S&M world consensuality is a must. Scenes must be thoroughly negotiated. In the art world to agree to a collaboration is like an unwritten contract to participate to the utmost levels. Once committed you will be unable to divorce yourself. Similarly in the S&M world when we enter into a scene we dive into our one act play as deeply as we can only to re-emerge once we have both exhausted our creative resources.

Tell me about the types of scenes and activities you like to engage in?

I like to engage in highly stylized psychosexual dramatic scenes that either play with gender awareness (such as transforming men into sissies, sluts, maids, and girly-girls) or that play with age regression (school or infantilism) or power dynamics (office scenarios, kidnap dramatizations or Goddess worship) Stylized in that they are Hitchcockian in nature, they may involve elaborate costuming and a setting that may include period detailing and polish. Because of my connections to both mainstream and underground art, film and music worlds I have a lot of tools at my disposal for creative theatrical scenes. I do work with scripts and actually enjoy writing them. I may involve a play partner in a surreal setting that may or may not include work within a dungeon. For instance we may take a field trip to a Hollywood soundstage or go on location somewhere to enact a sensual scenario that may take place in regency England or Napoleanic France. It is this level of play that I am able to accomplish that sets me apart from all the other dominants especially other drag diva dominants. I like to take a fantasy and bring it to high art or sometimes low art proportions.

What kind of submissives are you looking for?

I look for thoughtful submissives that respond to non-typical stimuli. I don't want any closed minded traditionalist orbiting my realm. My submissives must be well read, and able to converse on a variety of subjects. I like my submissives to be capable and clear. They must have an air of confidence that radiates their very person. A strong sense of humour and whimsy is also important and childlike wonder and sense of play.

What do you do with slaves in your personal life?

My personal slaves come from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life. I am not enchanted by mindless humility. I require my slaves to seek service with me as a means of taking themselves into a higher sense of personal power and responsibility. I only have time for creative servants, who stimulate and amuse as well as function with the appropriate skills and abilities to assist me in my various projects and commitments.

What is your personal S&M philosophy?

My personal S&M mission statement is simple. Bring about a higher awareness through the means of consensuality and negotiation and creative play. Being part of the new school of S&M, in fact I created a whole new movement within the S&M world, I still have respect and reverence for many of the authoritarian principles of the old school, but believe that my main goal in the community, especially as someone who is high profile and seen as a role model, is to make sure that consensuality, negotiation and safety are the main proponents stressed in my type of S&M play. I also stress that bringing in the creative edge to consensual S&M play is my ultimate goal.

What does a submissive feel when he lays eyes upon you?

Being that I am almost seven feet tall, I am quite physically overwhelming. I am statuesque to say the least, with long shapely legs, and a trim voluptuous figure. Most submissives quiver when first in my Amazonian presence. It can be very titillating to behold my person the first time one comes in contact with me. I am intoxicating and submissives have confided that their senses have reeled in our first contact and they have experienced slight vertigo, or simply they may have fainted as blood engorges their appendages in too quick a manner. Sometimes I may appear as an unapproachable goddess. A deity one cannot fully comprehend or fathom. Since I span genders I may cause confusion but through that confusion also great charge. Once the submissive gets his bearing and begins to know me better, he finds that I am a fair, just and caring entity. I am a spirit creature who materializes in human form not to mock human frailties, so much as to guide them in their life journeys to understanding their submissive selves and embracing their sexualities.

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