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Club Sucker

The Final Sucker in December, 1999 featured The Automaticans, Patsy, Rizzo, 10 in the Swear Jar made up of members of Ibopa plus special performances by Rob Zabreskie of Possum Dixon performing majick and Ms. Jane Cantillion chanteusing, a reunion of the Grown-Ups and headlining: Extra Fancy reunion.

Sucker had a phenomenal five year run, and may re-emerge as a traveling Sucker ala Lollapalooza but more intimate in a city near you! So stay tuned for further developments.

There are October 1999 pictures from Sucker at the photo page.

Vaginal Davis' Sucker top 10 playlist

As found in the playlist pages of England's Melody Maker, here's the tunes that the kids at Sucker are grooving to when Vaginal Davis spins on the wheels of steel.

Rufus Wainwright - "Beauty Mark"
Glen Meadmore - "Blow You+"Eternal Love"
Nymphs - "Sad and Damned"
Danielson Famile - "Rallying the Dominoes"
The Make-Up - "Save Yourself"
Cat Power - "Sea of Love"
Sonic Youth - "Eyes & Teeth"
Kahimi Karie - "Le Roi Soleil"
Pleasure Box - "Single Girl, Married Girl"
Turbo Negro - "Imorgen Skal Eg Daue"

Since the late 1970s, Vaginal Davis has been a fixture on the seminal music and art scenes. Her name is derived from the sexualizing of her idol, the revolutionary icon Angela Davis. Davis' conceptual music endeavors include Pedro, Muriel and Esther (PME) a hard rock band whose debut album, "The White To Be Angry", was produced by Steve Albini. Davis has two more groups, !Cholita! the Female Menudo and black fag, a parody of the indie-rock world. For five years Davis has hosted the punk rock and performance art club Sucker in Silverlake at the Garage. Art Forum magazine hails Davis as "the future of art".

For five years Vaginal Davis' Club Sucker has served as a startling expose of the twilight world of lavender sex that will shake the very foundations of the gay establishment. Whether you're an alternahunk or guerilla filmmaker you're likely to enjoy the witty and outlandish stupefied world of the legendary ebola flesh eating temptress Vaginal Davis.

Beauties, beauties and more beauties. Club Sucker is where you will find the largest percentile of stunning male beauties west of the Mississippi. If that isn't enough, famed photographer Francesco Scavullo proclaimed Sucker hostess Vaginal Davis one of the ten most beautiful women in the world!

Join Ms. Davis and Sucker beauty regulars--Casper Van Diem, Liberto Ribal, Denise Richards, Jenna Elfman, Noah Wiley, Jared Leto, Heather Graham, Paul Rudd, Belthazar Getty, Jennifer Connelly and Joaquin Phoenix in the Sucker calendar Spring Fever Frivolities.

Praise for Vaginal and Club Sucker:

"Vaginal Davis is one zany, hilarious hostess." -The Advocate

"Vaginal Davis is a thorn in the creamy underbelly of the gay club scene" -Lawrence Chua, Art Forum

"Vaginal Davis should seek psychiatric help"-James Hannahan, The Village Voice.

"Vaginal Davis is a subversive talent whose sensibilities, while shocking to some, are essentially comic and romantic." -iD Magazine

"Vaginal Davis has been careering with a Jayne Mansfieldian blatancy."-Dennis Cooper, Spin Magazine

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