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Vaginal Davis Web Links

Lee Adams is a British live arts guy who performed as part of Visions of Excess.

Theoretical has lots of information about the height of L.A. nightlife.

Vaginal Davis interviews the band Marine Research (ex-Heavenly.) There's also a picture of Vag at Marine Research's web site.

Guy Trebay column about Ms. Davis' column in Glue Magazine, from the Village Voice, Sept 29, 1999.

Aes-Nihil Productions sells videos of Vaginal Davis performances.

Rick Castro sells videos of the Fertile LaToyah Jackson Video Magazine, featuring Vaginal Davis.

Vaginal Davis' top ten favorite films are listed at Popcorn Q. Scroll down, check "Davis, Vaginal" on the list, then press the button at the bottom of the page.

Vaginal Davis on the new L.A. Hooters opening

Vaginal Davis interviews 400 Blows.

Vaginal Davis interviews Pansy Division.

An essay on Bruce La Bruce by Vaginal Davis.

Vaginal Davis interviews Glen Meadmore

LaMonica's Story: LaMonica Rhys-Jones tells of her relationship with the President of the United States in an L.A. Weekly cover story.

Reviews of Vaginal Davis' recordings in Queer Music Explosion from Holy Titclamps.

Guy Trebay column from the Village Voice mentioning Vaginal Davis.

"Disidentifications" by Jose Munoz has a chapter about "Vaginal Creme Davis's Terrorist Drag," and there's a picture of Vag on the cover.

An article on the band Black Fag, which Vaginal Davis was in with Beck's mom, Bibbe Hansen. Look for Vag's interview with Bibbe Hansen in the September 1999 issue of Index Magazine. Vag has also interviewed Los Super Elegantes in Index, and was the subject of a feature story.

L. A. Weekly article by Vaginal Davis and Ron Athey about their trip to Palm Springs.

Vaginal Davis and Ron Athey's performances in October '96 in Germany.

St. Salicia's Teocrazia, sì! Fornicazione, no! in Italian!

Items about Vag's appearance at the Beck/Al Hanson show from The New York Daily News [under "Moss Gathers Beau"] and Michael Musto's column in the Village Voice.

Item from Michael Musto's column about an incident involving Gus Van Sant at Sucker.

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