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Speaking From the Diaphragm

The Vaginal Davis Blog

. . .From the Counsel of Inter-Continental Balistic Principalities

Monday, December 17, 2007

Berlin can sometimes get on a girls last raw nerve. Tricked with a handsome, muscular, ginger headed Babylonian Gorgon the other day who had one of the longest and thickest peterfications i have ever gazed upon in my life. And to complicate matters it wasnt a Rod Gerato like member, thats big and lumpy soaking up moisture like a sponge, but one of those giant dicks that is actually rock hard like Gibralter. Seems too good to be true, eh Demanda? Yes, the fool was more interested in showing me his bric-a-brac collection and assorted antiques then getting down to business and tearing up my hole. Only in Berlin kids, only in Berlin.
Love is a publicity stunt and making love after the first curious rapture is only another petulant way to pass the time.
Tim Blue and I met with Mijke, a sweet Dutch girl who works at the HAU theatre and is organizing these workshops that Tim and I will teach with 100 high school students in June. o lady the life you lead.
Anna and Christophe came over to the Cheese Endique Trifecta studio and i showed them some of my underground films including the latest one that i starred in for director John Aes-Nihil, which is a remake of Suddenly Last Summer, where i play the Katherine Hepburn role, with Jade Gordon of My Barbarian fame as Liz Taylor and the late, great Lance Loud as Princess Tinymeat, Monty Cliff. John Aes-Nihil is one of the Baltimore Four, the filmmaker friends that include Kenneth Anger, Barry Levinson and John Waters. Aes-Nihil takes about 10 years to finish one of his movies, his other classics include The Drift, starring Glen Meadmore, Goddess Bunny and The Tired Danielle of the Ephiphany which is a remake of the Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, also The Ma Barker Gang and his most famous film The Charles Manson Murders. Aes-Nihil also has a pre punk rock band called Beyond Joy and Evil, that began in the late 60s and continue today, though performances are rare. BJ&E did perform at my old clubs GIMP and Bricktops.
Susanne Sachsee, the fearless leader of kollective Cheap and her lovely mother sent me a million delightful Christmas presents, wrapped so inventively that i didnt want to open them immediately. Everything was something that i desperately need for life in cold, damp Berlin. Items from the former GDR town of Jena where Suzi grew up. I have very thoughtful friends.
My Arsenal program Rising Stars, Falling Stars was incredible last night. We showed two movies by la grande mama of the Avant garde Germaine Deluc. L'Invitacion de la Voyage and Disque 957 accompanied by the Blue Bros. Tim and Kjohnny. What a joyous event. It also turned into an thank you party for the cast and crew of Cheap Blacky. Germaine Deluc should be revered by anyone who loves outstanding filmmaking. This hot buttered lesbian was way ahead of her time is all i have to say.
Seen cavorting during the after screening reception: Filmmakers Heinz Emigholz with juicy assistant Lior, Isabelle Spengler, Dalia Neis and her smoking hot British/Israeli connection posse, Christophe Chemin, DJ Angie Baby, Wiebke the perky Arsenal intern, Arsenal director Empress Stephanie, Nanna Heidenreich, expert projectionist Ooshee, the friendly kasse girls Claudia & Grit, Tito and Wolle the technical directors of the HAU Theatre with the Hebbel's top gun Anna Muelter who along with Susanne Sachsee made the buffett spread, Cheaps Daniel Henrickson and Marc Siegel, Mama Mia make-up guru Tan Bihn Nguyen with hunky brother and pretty pal, concert pianist David Patrick of Jamaica, New York Times scribe Adam Fisher in town writing a piece on ex pats, Sam Riley who brilliantly stars as deathboy Ian Curtis of my favorite band Joy Division in the new movie Control. Zoo Magazine writer and sex god Travis Jeppeson who brought muscular Brit Gerald Butler and Bollywood movie stars and real life homosexy lovers Upen Patel and Rajnesh Duggal.

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