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Speaking From the Diaphragm

The Vaginal Davis Blog

. . .From the Counsel of Inter-Continental Balistic Principalities

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Just returned from the second trek out into the Steiermark of Austria. What an adventure. I won´t go into details at this time, but what i will relay, that while in the boutique town of Murau the American pop starlet Justin Timberlake, who was filming a new music video, was staying in the same hotel that we were using as a dressing room. With my bad sense of direction i accidently on purpose walked into his suite to use the facilities, and got to see the new king of pop in complete dishabille. Let me tell you it was quite a thrill, Herr Timberlake is blessed with 25 centimeters of perfect man endowment. It is no wonder he was able to have his way with notorious size prinzessin Janet Jackson. I was impressed that there is much more to him then a sexy back.

.: posted by Vaginal Davis 4:09 AM