This gallery has photos from two events in which Vaginal Davis participated in January 2014:

Vaginal Davis at MoMA / Girls Against God Magazine event Wolf Moon Gathering at MoMA PS1, January 26, 2014, and Vaginal Davis is Speaking From the Perineum, Extemperaneously Excavating Bob Mizer at Barney Building, January 28, 2014.

Girls Against God Magazine, published by Capricious (owned by Sophie Morner), co-edited by Bianca Casady (serving tea as Mad Vicky) and Anne Sherwood Pundyk (serving Vagina Cookies as D'Meter, the goddess of the harvest) gathers the forces for a celebration of the wild female soul. Hosted by Fairy Goddess Mother Vaginal Davis, we journey inward through a myriad of rituals and prayers. With guided mediation lead by Bryn McKay and a plant-channeling performance by Melanie Bonajo, we will listen to the voice of nature in connection with the sacred feminine. Casting The Circle and Drawing Down the Moon, a dance ritual evoking the Goddess will be performed by Johanna Constantine and J.Z.araA. We will sing together in a group chant ignited by singers Diane Cluck and Yasmine Hamdan, calling to Skeleton Woman, to dance The Dance of Life/Death/Life, embodied by Rebecca Wright with musical accompaniment by water-soul-conjurer Doug Wieselman and cellist Danny Bensi.
Photos by Hector unless otherwise noted.

Vaginal Davis


Anne and Bianca by Phoebe Pundyk

Johanna Constantine


Delicious Vagina Cookies, photo by Phoebe Pundyk

The following are from Vaginal Davis is Extemperaneously Excavating Bob Mizer With Special Guests: Art Critic Vince Aletti! Mizer Foundation President Dennis Bell! Archivist Tonya Blazio-Licorish! Author C. Carr! Curator and Light Industry Founding Director Ed Halter! L.A. Underground Legends Bibbe Hansen and Sean Carillo! Artist K8 Hardy! Conceptual Pornstar Colby Keller! Circus of Books Owner Karen Mason! Mizer's Studio Assistant and Artist John Sonsini! Author Justin Spring! Fales Library Director Marvin Taylor! DJ and Soundscapes by Ross Menuez/Salvor Projects! Video and Visuals by Jean Kim!

Vaginal Davis and Bibbe Hansen, photo by Linda Simpson

Vaginal Davis and Billy Miller of Straight To Hell, photo by Linda Simpson

Vaginal Davis and Dr. Ricardo Montez of Princeton, photo by Linda Simpson

Vaginal Davis and artist Eric Schmalenberger, photo by Linda Simpson