Pictures of Vaginal Davis

For press purposes, high-resolution photos of Ms. Davis are available:
Press Photo Head Shot credits: "Vaginal Davis, Beware the Holy Retarded Whore"
2002 photo by John Vlautin
styling and make-up Glen Meadmore
Gown by Rick Owens

Color Headshot
Color Photo Head Shot credits: 2008 photo by Lucius Barre

Color Headshot
Color Photo Head Shot credits: 2013 photo by Assaf Hochman

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Photos from MoMA / Girls Against God Magazine event Wolf Moon Gathering and also Bob Mizer edition of Vaginal Davis is Speaking From the Perineum, both January 2014.

Vaginal Davis in the bra from Pat Benatar's early video.
photo credit: Michele "Hell" Carr of Jabberjaw

April 2012:
Vaginal Davis with Kembra Pfhaler and The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black from Camp/Anti-Camp Queer Guide to Everyday Life at HAU 2 photos by Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras.

Fall 2011:
Photos by Christa Holka of Vaginal Davis performing in Memory Island at Trashing Performance.

June 2011:
Photos by ZacKary Drucker from film in progress

May 2010:
Flickr page of Aztec Warrior's photos of Vaginal Davis: Speaking from the Diaphragm at PS122

Photos from Jack Smith Live Film, Berlin 2009

Photos from Daddy, Berlin 2009

Spill Art Festival, London 2009

Politics of Extacy Festival, 2009

Present Penicative Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 2008.

Cheap Blacky at the Donau festival, 2008.

Photos from Ruth Fischer at Re-Educate 2008.

Photos from Cheap Blacky, November 2007.

Photos from Bricktops Takes Manhattan, May 2006.

Photos from Silvester Party, Berlin, New Years Eve 2005/2006

Photos from Poker Im Osten closing party at Hau in Berlin, October 2005.

Photos from the last Bricktops

Photos from Bricktops

Toxic Titties at Bricktops

More photos from Bricktops

The Maladjusted Rule

Vaginal Davis at La Polla Loca

Visions of Excess in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Vaginal Davis Birthday Party 2004

Vaginal Davis as Vanessa Beecroft

Vaginal Davis with Le Tigre.

Vaginal Davis on tour with Margaret Cho.

Platinum Oasis art happening [warning: grown-up content]

Vaginal Davis in Berlin in 2001.

Vaginal Davis and friends in London, England, 2001.

Vaginal Davis in France and Switzerland, 2001.

Vag & Patricia Arquette at NY premiere of White to be Angry

Vag at Club Sucker in October, 1999. Photo by Julie of the Julies.

Vaginal Davis cozies up to actor/heartthrob Ethan Hawke at Club Sucker. Photo by Glee Brevard.

Vaginal Davis as Druid Wiccan Sorceress performs ancient Shrimp Ritual on two virgin youth, in her one wo-man performance piece "Intimacy and Tomorrow."

Vaginal Davis as The Princess Sellica, The Sensual Psychik at Chicago's Bop Shop with Steve LaFreniere and John Sanchez. Photo by Loria DeHaven.

Vaginal Davis at Club Sucker with her beau, Vanderbuilt heir - Anderson Cooper. Photo by Glee Brevard.

On the Sucker mainstage the divine Ms. "D" with the Dandy Warhols. Photo by Glee Brevard.

Sucker hostess Vaginal Davis adjusts the penis of one of the members of Boston's The Elevator Drops. Photo by Echo.

Ms. Davis and PME infiltrate the mainstream at the world famous House of Blues. Photo by Mari Kono.

Enthusiastic audience member performs haute cunnilingus on the beautiful Ms. Davis at her Club Sucker. Photo by Mari Kono.

Vaginal Davis as boydrag character Buster Beauté. Photo by Glee Brevard.

Ms. Davis' Sucker partners Dale Johnson and Frank Rodriguez. Photo by Mari Kono.