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Speaking From the Diaphragm

The Vaginal Davis Blog

. . .From the Counsel of Inter-Continental Balistic Principalities

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Never forget that Vaginal Davis is always testing you to see just what kind of animal you really are. Ms. Davis is one woman you can't fool---she's a druid wiccan sorceress with mighty powers. To be Vaginal Davis' friend you must dedicate your life to her. If not, you are her bitter enemy and will be eradicated, destroyed in a current of Madame Mao wrath. You' ve been officially served and warned.
Gordon Raphael, who produces the Strokes, also produces the German band super 700, that features my Ruth Fischer drummer Ebedette and her twin sisters. Just found out that Mr. Raphael was also at the amazing Cheap Silvester party i hosted.
I've been invited along with Cheap kollective to do an installation at this big arts festival in Graz, Austria in the fall. I've never been to Austria, so i'm definately looking forward to experiencing a different taste sensation of Germanic penile flavour.

.: posted by Vaginal Davis 10:08 AM