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Speaking From the Diaphragm

The Vaginal Davis Blog

. . .From the Counsel of Inter-Continental Balistic Principalities

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

These ramblings from our favorit Canuck, Bruce "Judy" LaBruce:

oh yeah, i saw the Galiano thing in tetu. he totally ruined the tony ward hustler white look. added mucklucks and chains and his cowboy hat was too big and new looking Ė he made him look like
a faggot eskimo cowboy.

iím sure you look glamorous, like jeremiah johnson. i dunno. iím all confused about the muslim now. i vaseline between getting all emotional and torn up that heís leaving and kind of thinking that it might be all for the best. he definitely has to go back and sort out his destiny and her child. ah well. you know me. iím like you. a loner with a boner.
ha ya here comes the gay divorce. i saw him on tv getting married or something too! heís always been soooo politically correct. get this. scott thompson is making a reality show for canadian tv about gay marriage. he finds gay and bulldagger couples who want to marry and sort of acts as the wedding planner. itís really bizarre. he says all the couples are totally dysfunctional and their families usually hate them. figures. xxxxxxxx blab


.: posted by Vaginal Davis 5:13 PM